Sailor Moon Pictures from Episode "Who is that Masked Man?"

"Who is that Masked Man?"

Nephlite consults the stars to find out what Sailor Moon's weakness is. Nephlite tells Queen Beryl his plan to trap Sailor Moon.
Serena gets a letter telling her to meet Tuxedo Mask at the shopping mall.Serena is disappointed to find that all the other girls got the same letter.
Molly thinks Maxfield Stanton is Tuxedo Mask.Darien tries to win a Tuxedo Mask doll.
Ami visits Raye, who has the flu.Molly asks Maxfield Stanton if he wrote the letters.
Molly has a crush on Maxfield Stanton.Serena picks an outfit to wear for her meeting with Tuxedo Mask.
She wants to wear her coolest socks.Then she puts on "wicked" fuschia pink lipstick.
Serena daydreams about Tuxedo Mask.Molly arrives early and finds Nephlite disguised as Tuxedo Mask.
Nephlite thinks Molly is Sailor Moon.Nephlite drains Molly's love energy from her.
Darien transforms into Tuxedo Mask.Nephlite uses the power of the Negaverse to multiply his energy.
Nephlite unleashes Leo the lion on Sailor Moon.Tuxedo Mask battles Leo the lion.
Nephlite traps Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon in an elevator......and they escape through the elevator shaft.
Queen Beryl is pleased with the energy that Nephlite collected from Molly.Nephlite erases his identity from Molly's memory.

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