Sailor Moon Pictures from Episode "Match Point for Sailor Moon"

"Match Point for Sailor Moon"

Newly appointed Commander Nephlite tells Queen Beryl his plans. Zoicite has her doubts about Nephlite.
Molly cheers for her good friend Katy, who is a tennis champ.Molly and Serena see millionaire businessman Maxfield Stanton (Nephlite) for the first time.
Maxfield Stanton offers to be Katy's tennis coach, and endows her tennis racket with evil Negaforce energy.Serena suggests to Ami and Raye that they should all take tennis lessons.
Luna knows that Serena just wants to see more of the new tennis coach.Molly tells Serena her concerns that Katy has changed.
Molly remembers when she was little......Katy always stood up for her.
Katy and Molly were good friends.Katy was like a big sister to Molly.
Katy's evil energy reaches it's maximum point.An evil force rises up from Katy's tennis racket.
Tennzi, a Negaverse creature, comes to claim Katy's energy.Tennzi traps Sailor Moon in a huge tennis ball.
Tuxedo Mask attacks Tennzi.Sailor Moon cheers on Tuxedo Mask.
Tuxedo Mask carries Sailor Moon out of harm's way......and together they destroy Tennzi.
Back to her normal self, Katy asks Molly to play tennis with her.Poor Serena catches Molly's serve - right between the eyes!

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